Thursday, 22 August 2013

Abs: 12 weeks later

I have been spamming my Instagram, Facebook, twitter and my blog with all my fitness routine. I'm so sorry if it bothers anyone. Can I blame the delay of my job? Can you imagine my result was announced on May the 2nd and I've been holidaying since then. And and and... They said I might only have job on October wtfish...

On my 11th week of Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution workout program, I started incorporate yoga meltdown in the routine 2-3 times in a week. How I miss attending yoga class with Tyng back in KL. We thought we've found a good yoga place but who knows they run away with our money after 4 classes pfffttt.... Even the instructors had their salary run away by the owner of the place!!!!!

Now in Week 12 (today Day 81, yay 9 days to go), I still weighed 46kg, no change yay!!!

I'm not looking forward to lose weight, so I'm happy to be able to maintain.

12 weeks before, I can't even do a push up, not even a slight bend of my elbow, I'll definitely fall flat. I can't hold plank for more than 15 seconds, I can't do a wheel pose at all. And, I almost pengsan every time doing cardio circuit workout like almost after 3 burpees.

Now, holding wheel pose for a picture is no longer the greatest challenge. And, I just figure out how to do a modified chaturanga and a few triceps push ups :)

Words can't describe the feeling when I finally get to do this photo series of before and after.

I didn't have diet restriction, still having my daily dose of 3-in-1 coffee, grandma's home cook, some snacks and ice-cream once in awhile, heavy supper every Saturday and a glass of low fat milk a few nights in a week.

Everyone has their own passion inside them no matter what is it, go for it! I wanted to work so badly now because I'm afraid to lose the momentum I used to have in the hospital. Since I can't control when I'll work, why not take this time to do what I love and getting the benefits of it right.. Haha



Xu Vin said...

u go girl!

mayun said...

hey im mayyun. came across your blog and find you inspirational!Gambatte! May I know more about the jillian micheal's body revolution that u had mention? it is on youtube or any open source that can be attain easily? thank you!

Qi Wen said...

Hi Mayyun, not sure where I can contact you and thanks! I actually downloaded it via Google search in one of the site, I can't remember. I didn't really check in the store whether the dvd is available here. Try search online, I hope this will help :)


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