Sunday, 24 February 2008

g3t d@ w0rk st@rt3d -- c0ll3ct!ng sp3c!m3ns..

16 February 2008, Saturday

Nice cool weather.. Up the hill again after breakfast. We reached at the cabbage farm at 8am and briefing was given by our ketua rombongan, Mr Zuwairi on what specimens we are going to get for each group as each group was given a file of specimens pictures. After we, my group were lead by Miss Shafini into the cabbage farm and looked for what we should. None of my group members had the idea of where and what to find. In lecture, we were not in kingdom Plantae yet. When Miss Shafini saw d green piece on the soil, she was so excited and called all of to see it and take
it. We really had no idea what is so special about that thing. Then only she told us it was Marchantia sp. introduced the plants' part. After a few explanation from our facilitator, we barely understood it and started to fill our trays with it and Funaria sp..

And then, every group put their specimens together and video was taken when the lecturers were explaining the plants to everyone. Later on, we found a small snake type animal there and a big black-yellow spider. The lab assistant trapped them inside the glass bottle and will awet them.. Hehe.. Sounds kejam huh.. That's what Bio students love... So, this is the end of our 1st and 2nd bengkel. It ended far more earlier than schedule. With those extra time, we headed to ho
ney bee farm... Lotsa beautiful flowers can be found in the farm and no doubt, bees were everywhere..... wow.. you better don't kacau them and pluck d flowers... Just a very small farm where you will finished everything in about 10 minutes. We just spent some time taking pictures here and there.

Time to check-in!!!! We reached Hotel Rosa Passadena before 12pm. So, we had our free lunch there first before we were put in rooms. The food there was not-so recommended to try but it was because it was free, so just had it when you were really hungry.. hehe.. Buffet style and just eat then.. After that, we were
put in rooms and I was so damn bad luck separated from my groups member joining another 3 of them from the same group. I was in room A7 while the others of my group members were in A3, A27, A29 and A33. Felt so far from them.. But lucky me, I got to change my room with a gurl from Hayat 49 (my next door practicum). So, I moved to A27, where 2 of my group members were there. Hehe... Happy happy...

Gathering time again.. 1.50pm, everyone was at the hotel lobby to get ready for the 3rd bengkel. We were going down the hill ( i think) to Lata Iskandar to get some specimens at the waterfall. We took one and the half hour to reach
there from our hotel. But, the time we spent to collect the specimens were just around 30 minutes as it started to rain. The rain stopped 5 minutes later. This proved that we had spent more time on the bus up and down the hill than we did our job there..

More extra time we had, so we went to the tea farm. Nice view from the high place down to a wide piece of green tea farm. Most of them grabbed the tea from the tea shop and some souvenirs. I didn't buy anything as the price was quite high. I just managed to walk around the shop, looking at the tea farm and of course snapped some pictures for rememberance. After that, we continued our journey back to hotel. When we were back, we had no more schedule to follow for the day
and we were totally FREE!!!!!! You will never experienced that in KMJ... We had our shower after a long day of going here n there for specimens that you don't recognise. We were refreshed and had another free dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Here comes the fun part where we were free to walk around Cameron Highland. Most of just went to the pasar malam there. It was just very near to our hotel, so we walked there. But, the night breeze really chilled us out. Nevertheless, the freedom and fun still the most important when you were out of KMJ.... We found out that the things sold in the pasar malam is far more cheaper than anywhere else in Cameron Highland. I bought strawberry tea which is RM5.50 a box than RM7.00 a box in the tea shop that we went. After some times, you will find out that they sold almost th
e same thing along the pasar malam. Hehe.. I did try the fried mee over there too, the Chinese meal...

Back to hotel, we tried the strawberry tea outside our room and enjoyed d fried mee.. Nice nice... It was really happy moment.. Where can you
get all this in KMJ??? We chatted outside the room and then went to bed around 12am later.. Cold and nice sleep as all of us was so tired after the long day we had gone thru.. End of the fun day in Cameron Highland, my 1st visit there..



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