Sunday, 24 February 2008

h3@d!ng up t0 c@mer0n h!ghl@nd

15 February 2008, Friday

Yo.. This is going to be the best event of my life in KMJ.. Da trip to Cameron Highland with other 47 selected Hayat students that had 4 flat on hand.. Very lucky me, I'm one of them and until now, I'm still feel lucky about it.. Hehe.. Cut d crap for now & follow my not so interesting tour on how my wonderful weekend went...

9.45pm, all the lucky one was gathered in front of our not so beloved hall, Dewan Sri Ledang (DSL). With excitement, everyone patiently waited for the lecturers and lab assistants n not to forget the college buses to be here. Before leaving, we were put in 5 groups and a short briefing were given. At first, it was said that guys will be in the 1st bus while girls will board the 2nd bus. After few discussions going on, the lecturers agreed to put Group 1 & 2 in the first bus while Group 3, 4 & 5 in the 2nd bus so that it will be more organised among us. So, what am I waiting for, just skip into the first bus.. Oh ya, i forgot to mention that I was in Group 1 as it followed our lecture.

Just 2 hours of journey in d bus, the driver decided to have a stop at nowhere I can recognised. hehe... Plus, I am damn sleepy that time as it was d effect of my motion sickness medicine that I had taken before leaving. We were at d 'nowhere' for about 40 minutes. What I did was just changing my clothes to the not nice KMJ shirt and chatted with d chinese gurls. Not much of us, just about 8 of us out of 48 students. After that, the journey continued and the driver put on a movie "The Banquet" but it stopped somewhere through d movie. Then, I just continued my sleep as it was already 1am that time. Another 2 hours of journey, and then we stopped by again. Most of us did not get down from the bus as everyone was damn tired that time. So, we just spent 30 minutes on the stationary bus and continued our sleep as the bus started to break the stationary state.

Around 4.30am, our journey started to go up the hill and turned around. I did noticed all the turning part of the bus but I am still very sleepy, so I didn't care much about it. Just let it be.. hehe.. At that moment, outside was dark, foggy and the bus really slow. So, we reached Brinchang at 6am. By the time I stepped out from the bus, wow..... The freeze in Cameron Highland made me shivered for some moment before I slowly adapted to the temperature there. Yet, it was still very cold for me. I didn't feel like eating after having long journey and in the freezing mode. No matter what, I had a three layer sandwich to fill my stomach as I know I am going to have a long day ahead of work.



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