Thursday, 31 July 2008

eye on malaysia

Hello, out there!! I went to EYE ON MALAYSIA on the 29th of July with my friends.. Well, 'people' said that it will move after July. So, I took the opportunity to go there as it was so damn near my kolej.. We walked there & we took more than 10 minutes to reach there.. We walked around the pond & joked to swim across to shorten the distance. But, after looking at the condition of the lake...ERM...You wanna swim?? No way!!! Only if a million dollar is offer.. WAKAKAKA... mata duitan.. All right, cut the craps.. Go on with our shots..

Eye on Malaysia, Titiwangsa

Standing (Left): Xu Vin, Me, Huik May
Left: Wei Wei, Sin Jie

Xu Vin & I.. before going up coz they didn't want to go up before the sky was dark enough so that the scenery will be nicer.. :p

In the cabin.. Cabin number 26..

Pictures that were shot while we were in the round & cute cabin

The happy people after the ride... Wakakak...


I'm not sure when the wheel will roll to Malacca, October if I'm not mistaken.. So, if you have the chance just go for it.. RM15 for adult.. 5 rounds in the cabin, about 10 minutes... It's very fast actually.. It's just 60 metres from the bottom when you reach the peak.. For me, it's not so high-LAH... haha.. enjoy!!!



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