Sunday, 30 November 2008

i am a high school musical freak!!!

As Xu Vin said, "Qi Wen, I think you really a high school musical freak" right after we watched High School Musical 3 in Times Squares GSC during the premiere..

Yeah, what?

These few days after being a nerd and booksmart, I had been listening HSM songs.. REPEAT AND REPEAT AND REPEAT!!!

Gosh!! What am I doing???

Introducing to you my new best friend ------> NARCOLEPSY...

Everything went so wrong since study week til now.. It will only end after OSPE, i guess (HOPEFULLY!!!!!!)

Back to the topic - HSM story line was yeah, lame.. Songs are really nice & getting better.. Love the dance the most.. I didn't hate Zac Efron.. I didn't hate Vanessa Hudgens.. I still like to watch Ryan & Sharpay Evans (but they reduce their screen time... huhu).. Lesson learnt: FLIRT A LOT DURING HIGH SCHOOL... not a very good idea, i presume..

In conclusion, I still a High School Musical freak in some certain angles...


Sam Leong said...

It's a chick flick, that's why...


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