Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment will be having A LOT A LOT A LOT of photos scattered on the bed and spending time away from the hectic day to flip all of them with my family and had a good laugh about those moment

Recalling those years back when my family still celebrates both of me and my brother's birthday every year. My parents will never fail to grab a roll of film for camera. There are 2 albums in the picture above that had a page to page progress of our age and life. 1 album for my brother and 1 for myself, collection done by my parents. Every birthday, they will pick the nicest solo picture of us as the birthday girl and boy to take picture with the cake that had ordered for us. This annual picture collection stopped when we reached 10 years old.

The last camera we had was the one seen in the picture.
I couldn' remember went we bought that and it has been ages the camera was no longer used.
Back then, camera with 6 megapixel sounds really mega to everyone. Digital camera gives even more credit because there is no longer the use of films.

As years passed by, my parents had started to complain about seeing pictures taken with mobile phone isn't clear for their vision and the screen is too small for them. Even showing pictures for them in the laptop made them search for their spectacles everywhere. They even complained that a printed photo taken by mobile phone didn't look as good the one taken by camera. Even with all the complaints, they still love to keep printed photos taken by camera. None of us were home with them most of the days in a year, high definition printed photos meant a lot to them when they miss us.

In this era of all-in-one mobile phone, I had turn myself camera-less for years. Then only I realized how happy it can be when you can pile up lots and lots of photos on the bed and flipping through them one by one with my family. The heavenly moment when we travelled back in time again once we started to recall the events in the picture.

I may not have memory of my 1-year old birthday celebration with my family. But with those pictures taken because of the existence of camera together with the story from my parents of the event, I honestly can picture the celebration and my innocent self!

A new camera after so many years may start a new happy memory journey for me and my family with no more complaints :)

*The picture above was taken by mobile phone. The camera in the picture is already no longer used*



x10sapient said...

I'm ur silent reader :) hehe. Good luck in ur competition.

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

can make better family videos too esp during CNY!


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