Saturday, 30 June 2012

4th Medical Undergraduates' Annual Scientific Research Meeting (MUASRM), UKM

On 27th June 2012, marks the finale of our Special Study Module (SSM) with the grand Medical Undergraduates' Annual Scientific Research Meeting (MUASRM)

Our very first event as the final year students

*clap clap*

It was started 4 years ago in UKM, where all the 4th year medical student were placed randomly in a group of 4 to 5 members to conduct a research from clinical-based, laboratory-based as well as community-based.

All 57 groups started their research since June 2011 from proposal submission, presentation to respective department, ethics approval, data collection and analysis, manuscript writing and final presentation.

To make things interesting, on the day of MUASRM, 21 groups compete in oral presentation while 36 groups go for poster presentation.

We had a very interesting opening ceremony that day, officiated by Dean of Faculty of Medicine, UKM, Prof. Dato' Dr Raymond Azman Ali, alongside with our module coordinator, Prof. Dr. Ruszymah and Dr. Shahnaz Murad, the Director of Institute for Medical Research.

By the way, I love the theme for this year MUASRM
"Medical Research: The Aperture to Infinite Possibilities"

1-day transformation of the medical students into men & women in black and white
Most of us had our blazer on, especially all the oral and poster presenter

Each group will have one presenter that spend their day feeling restless and crazy waiting for their turn to present and shaking endlessly during the presentation

Congratulations to all the groups for completing all their research and to all the presenters, well done!

This is my group's photo in the abstract book
My group members, from the left, Lina, Dayang, my supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faridah, Mizan and ME ME ME!

My group, Group 41's research abstract
We picked clinical-based research and we were then put under Forensic Department

All the lack of sleep efforts paid off after the abstract is out and we've done with our manuscript

We overnight and sleep in National Institute Forensic, Hospital Kuala Lumpur just to wait for subjects for data collection. Usually we will be there by 10pm and went home around 6am. Some of the time we  will go back again around 12pm on the same day.

This was one of the experiences that I won't forget

The worst case scenario was having no subject at all for a few nights there
There was this one night where we watched Battleship repeatedly for 3 times with the staffs

 Our goodie bag for the event
Our abstract book was designed by Kevin Tan
See the 2 yellow black tubes there on the left, they were from sponsor - Sloan's Analgesic Rub samples
Very interesting stuffs!

I was the first oral presenter in the afternoon after lunch
While everyone having lunch, I feel so restless that I can't even put anything in my mouth
8 minutes of presentation, 2 minutes Q & A session =.=
I end up feeling super hungry right after my presentation
But, I'm more relieved and happy than any other thing
This thing had finally comes to the end after 1 year of ups and downs, more downs

One of my favorite picture of the day
Oh yea, this is the stage where the oral presenter has to present in the auditorium

Dinesh, the guy sitting on my right in the picture, is the WINNER of the oral presentation!
I remember I clapped so hard when his group was announced as the winner, I've foreseen their group winning weeks ago.
I keep telling him how good the research was from his group, but he didn't want to trust me 

It was such a crazy day for me before my presentation
It was awesome after my presentation because it is finally over

All the committees had done a great job for making the 4th MUASRM a success!

Coming up next, all of us are heading to camp this Sunday, will be back on Friday!



HenRy LeE said...

looks like i will be scratching my head all the time if i ever participate in this meeting! XD

Xue Ren said...

congratz yo!! u look really smart in formal look! :)


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