Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Standard Chartered KL 2012 & Friend's Proposal

NTV7 Feel Good Run was my last run before I'm back running again this year
That was like July last year, so basically I've been absent in all this running event for a year!

Even my cheapo sports shoes know that gap better than I do
One of the rubber near the heel of my left shoe came off right after I stepped out from the house!

Seriously, I don't like starting my run at 8.45am
The sun during the run day was just so jealous that all of us are being healthy
While standing with the crowd at the starting, the sun is already contributing UV to our skin

By the way, this is my 4th run!

Starting line for 5km and 10km runners

The large crowd of 10km runners
I'm glad that the crowd is getting larger with years
Proved that there are still a lot of people exercise

Qi Tyng, my victim
I make her run with me in every run that I want to join 

Best friend, Xiao Liey
This is her first run and she did it very well!
Girl, must join more run in the future :)

In the big crowd while I was somewhere around KM2, this girl was just right beside me
This is just so unexpected!
Both of us are from Segamat, went to the same matriculation college, get into UKM but different course
We haven't seen each other God knows how long

But, this is where I met her
We were so excited and pace together until the finishing line

Somewhere in KM3 of the run, another rubber near the sole of the left shoe came off
It was quite uncomfortable
But I continue to run when I can

Unfortunately, I crossed the finishing line with the time 50 minutes
This was worse than my first run March last year in Bukit Jalil for Bareno Run
To comfort myself, this route is 5.4km, 400 metres longer

I'm so addicted to run now after completing this

Qi Tyng is so glad that she crossed the line without collapsing

After the run, I went to meet up my course mates because we are going to help one of our course mate proposing to his girlfriend

I was somewhere there holding the red heart card alongside with my friends
But none of the camera lens caught me
Maybe not photogenic enough, haha!

(Photos courtesy of Khai Pin)

There, he made it!
She said yes!

Oh yea, we are the "brothers" a.k.a heng dai because we are the guy's side in this proposal event

Congratulations to Fu Chong and Shiao Xian :)

The first Chinese guy in my batch that found a wife!



~Joeanney~ said...

They stole the spot light of the day, haha! So sweet..congratzz to them :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Ohh is this the couple that made into the star news as well? :O or it's another couple? Cause I remember the guy was 28 yrs old, impossible he is from your batch! But still, congrats to them, so fast getting married alrdy LOL and congrats in completing your run as well! :D I wish I can run too.

Henry Tan said...

but weird place to propose marriage isnt it? not a sweet place pun. hahaha

Xue Ren said...

wow! first time hearing ppl proposing at such a event like this! creative i supposed eh? =P


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