Thursday, 21 March 2013

Still surviving

So, when was the last time I made a new post?

Oh yeah, last year

Anyway, I'm still alive and surviving..

Tomorrow is going to be my last day in medical school
Followed by the longest study week that I ever had - 3 WEEKS!
Then, Professional Exams for 2 weeks :)

Well, here's a shot of me to prove that I'm still surviving, for those who have not see me for like 'N' years ago. But aren't very sure whether I'll still look like this after my 3-week study week & exams

Never too late to say Happy 2013



HenRy LeE said...

happy 2013 to u too! haha

Xu Vin said...

awwww it's been ages since u last posted....
All the best for the coming 3 weeks too! :) May God's grace guide us through :)

Xue Ren said...

finally an update for u babe!! good luck for ur studies and take care of urself yeah! :)


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