Friday, 10 May 2013

Finally, a dream comes true...

Heya, the MIA version of me is finally BACK :)

On 2nd May 2013,

As the Dean of my faculty read through the name list of the passing candidates of the Professional Exam, when he finally mentioned

"A 121878 Leong Qi Wen"

marks the end of my life as medical student and finally promoted to a Medical Doctor (UKM) degree holder

Nothing can describe how I feel after all the efforts for 5 YEARS! 

Quickly, I texted my brother regarding the good news even though the list is still ongoing being announced, one by one my friends passed, as well

Then, I called my Mom and Dad, just couldn't wait anymore to hold back the news

The nervous and frightening auditorium atmosphere immediately filled with happiness and laughters of a bunch of newborn doctors


Finally, a dream comes true

Couldn't fit all my books in one shot
This is only half of the books I have

My Exam Story (can be boring or exciting, quite long)

Our Professional Exam was conducted for 2 weeks
In the 1st week, we had unmanned OSCE on the first day (20 stations, 5 minutes per station. There is picture or question or x-ray films or bottle/vials of medication in any of the station)

Followed by 4 days of theory paper examination for both surgical and medical papers.
In surgical paper, there are questions on Surgery, Orthopaedics, Obs & Gynae with ENT, Ophthalmology and Anaesthesiology in multiple choice questions paper
For medical paper, there are questions on Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry with additional questions of Emergency Medicine, Community Health and Forensic

Well, nothing more scary than the exam in the 2nd week
I was scheduled to take my Long Case and Manned OSCE on Tuesday

For long case, I have to clerk a patient, do every necessary physical examination for 45 minutes.
Followed by 15 minutes of preparation.
The next 30 minutes, we will have case presentation and discussion with 2 specialists as my examiners

I'm glad that after from the "cabut undi", I got a surgical case
I'm so afraid of Paediatrics and O&G case, actually

After the morning scary long case, the scariness continues in the afternoon
Everyone has to go through 4 stations of 10 minutes
Each station, either there will be a patient or mannequin, any question is possible
We will have to perform anything required in the questions, most of the time, we have to perform physical examination in front of the examiner

I guess, again I'm quite lucky after another round of "cabut undi", I got myself the Yellow card. 
The only obvious thing that differs from the color of the card is only 1 station:
Yellow - ENT/Ophthal station
Pink - Paediatrics station
Blue - Psychiatry station

My Yellow Card Station Circuit
Station 1 - Orthopaedics (Did a hand examination)
Station 2 - Obstetrics (Did a routine obs examination - abdominal palpation)
Station 3 - ENT (Otoscopy, hearing tests -Rinne & Weber)
Station 4 - Medical (Did a examination of abdominal system)


Graduated :)

Many thanks to:
Almighty God
My parents, bro and family 
All the professors and doctors, nurses, kakak PK!
Patients that had taught me everything
All my friends who have sail through the sea and storm with me

Thank you to MD (UKM) class of 2013




Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats, Dr. Leong! Hehehe :D

HenRy LeE said...

woohooo congratz! time to get a job and find a bf! LOL :P

VivianHiew said...

Congratulation!! :D

Chuen said...

Congrats! ^^

Henry Tan said...

wowwww congratssss!! i need a doc~~ LOL

Xue Ren said...

congratulations eli!! so proud of u! :D


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