Friday, 21 August 2009

Gerai Klinikal Pesta Konvokesyen Ke-37 UKM

Clinical booth - Yay! I'm loving it... First, it was time for me to brush up my skill since my last clinical booth was January in Penampang, Sabah.. Secondly, I need some air out of my campus since I am having super CVS module on that time..

Went to UKM, Bangi for clinical booth there in Dewan Gemilang. The last time I stepped into Dewan Gemilang was last year when I registered myself as the newbie there. While for UKM Bangi, I was there for debate training last year as well, if I am not mistaken..

Just a very small booth for Fakulti Perubatan and a few stations : BMI, BFD, BP, Blood test, Consultation..

My schedule was BMI + BFD (Body Fat Distributions), Flyers & Blood test..
Actually, I want to do BP so badly..
When we had no 'customer', we did BP among ourselves & guided the 1st year as well..

Spent almost 12 hours just for clinical booth plus my journey there and back to hostel.. Hate the jam & rain.. Tiring journey..

At the site outside the Dewan Gemilang, there were damn lots of booth selling food, drinks, stuff toys, flowers and many more... After my shift ended, we went shopping around the booth.. I bought a bag, cool.. There were booth selling Crocs for only rm50 & Tropicana Life with 70% discount.. LOLZ....

Oh ya, I almost forgot.. I met Poh Ling at last!!! Happy.. It had been a long time I didnt meet her. I think the last time was during Form 5, she sat beside me.. lol.. HAPPY =)

A very blur picture of me doing with blood test punya stuff

Poh Ling & I


yikping said...

wa...the 1st pic
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