Friday, 21 August 2009

Happiness in Between Busy-ness

20 days without any post in my blog, only 1 word can explain it - BUSY LIKE HELL (perhaps, 3 words.. =.=)

We used to have 4 weeks each module, usually.. After the quarantine, we finished CVS module in 3 weeks.. CVS = Cardiovascular System, in case you are curious about it.. Let's see, 17 lectures, 5 SLPs, 3 PBLs, 6 Practicals + PPD class + PPD movie + CSL in HUKM + Medicine & Society = 3 weeks..

For the very 1st time we had classes until 7pm for a few days.. Super tiring days + chasing for bus as 7pm bus will be the last one.. It was tiring but I think after it was over, I kinda love the experience. Being busy is sort of fun.. Starting to love my life.. Teehee...

Finish about the BUSY LIKE HELL part of my life, I think I would love to share my view about the PPD movie I watched with my coursemates in a cold Dewan Kuliah that has uncomfortable seats..


First impression about this movie was it was going to be a nice one. I personally love Will Smith on screen.. He can just take any role & give a blast on it.. Good job..

It was a very inspiring movie for me. The first thing that hit me after the movie ended was - I AM SO LUCKY.. Yeah, I have to admit that I am very very lucky that I have a good life now if to compared with billions & trillions of people in this world. I am lucky I have a home, a big family, a bunch of friends, good surrounding with food, water, shelter & air.. I can't imagine my life without love, warmth, care & needs..

Chris Gardner (Will Smith) went through his life as if nothing is impossible. Not to forget his biological son (Jayden Christopher Smith) who also acted as his son in the movie showed a very strong character as well.. Going through ups & downs, side by side with his father.

During PPD video session discussion in BSKK 16..

Prof Dr Harlina asked me, "Which scene do you like the most?"

The 1st scene that popped in my mind was the toilet scene.. It was so unexpected that it got so worst that they had to sleep in the toilet. This made me recall my reaction in public toilets. I went in wrinkling my forehead because of the dirtyness & smell.. And then rushed out from the toilet as soon as possible..

For Chris & Christopher, they went through it whole night just to have a safe & warm shelter. Life can be so unpredictable & tough..

I think this movie worth to watch even if I have to pay for the ticket. The good thing is I don't have to pay for it & watched it for free in my campus.. In this case, I am grateful that God had showed me the way of inspiration, motivation & gratefulness in the way that I didn't have to sacrifice for it. Thanks..

Along these busy weeks, the lessons in the movie had guide me through it in a better way...


Oh ya, not to forget, this is my 100th post!!!! Hooray!!



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