Monday, 24 August 2009

This is what happened when you have MES in lab

This should be a brief post as I am not sure what to write actually. But some great things did crossed my life. It may not funny or important to others. I found it kinda giving me some impacts to my life even if it was a small one..

Well, most of the time we will have Meet the Expert Session (MES) according to our lab. I am placed in Lab 8 this year which I think the combination of people in my lab was so cool.. We have fun all the time during practical or whatever class in the lab.

It was physiology class in the lab that day. I was at the end of the discussion table with Allison & Jonathan. Our lecturer, Dr. Amin was so excited talking about heart electrical activity. Since the three of us together, our attention were totally deviated. Jonathan, the lab clown a.k.a the funny one always made something out of expectation. So, this is the conversation.

Me: (Laugh at whatever Jonathan said)
Allison: Why do you like to humiliate yourself?
Jonathan: No, I didnt
Allison: Yeah, you just did that..
Jonathan: No la.. That is not humiliation
Allison: That is..
Jonathan: You know what.. Humiliation lies in the eyes of the beholder..
Me: (Try to not laugh as I tried to stand on Allison's side)

Both of them are PBLmate as well as lab-mate.. So I hardly know what they tried to talk about sometimes and end up being their audience & laugh for nothing..

I like that 'proverb' by Jonathan - Humiliation lies in the eyes of the beholder..
I have to admit he is such a creative one & his English is damn bombastic after having lots of chat with him..

Not to forget, the most power question I heard in my medical life now - How long is the Bundle of His? lolz.. XD -gotcha-

This question deviated our attention back to the class.. lalalalal...


Sam Leong said...

my friend, daughter of a leading cardiologist, said she knows the diameter of the bundle of his, but not the length... hahahha...

yikping said...

ur MES seem so fun de....


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