Tuesday, 5 July 2011

LavazzA Cafe @ Viva Home

*A much delayed post*
Many thanks to my friends for bringing me out for lunch one day after my birthday for a belated lunch treat. We went out of hospital after class and head to the new mall nearby, Viva Home due to short of lunch break

Our choice because none of us tried this cafe before this - LavazzA Cafe

Inside the shop that looks retro, yet a little confused for me
The seat isn't that comfortable
It is pretty quiet when we were there even though it is lunch time

A very royal section near the entrance with cakes display behind

I don't know why most of their stuff are have a lot of things and confusing

We were more interested in this part of the menu
Anyway, RM 15.90 for a set lunch isn't very cheap

Ice Lemon Tea with the sugar
The lemon is not in slice, yet it is cut in a wedge shape which is harder to poke through for better lemon-ish taste

I don't remember the name of this dish, it is pasta with sardin or tuna
Which my friend didn't really enjoyed it

My lunch for the day - Creamy Ham Al-Funghi Pasta
I really like the smell when it was served, like mushroom soup
The portion is just nice with ham and mushroom thingy that they called as al-funghi
Overall, this pasta is okay for me

Cajun Chicken Baked Rice
Tried a small chunk of this and I found it rather salty
A very filling dish and the best part is the cajun chicken
But overall, it wasn't one very great dish

They have cakes, chocolates, candy and macarons as well
The macarons are RM 2.60 per piece and RM 15++ per box of 6

Other cake choices

Displays of very nicely decorated cake
It is just located opposite Old Town White Coffee, that explains the reflections on the display

Overall, none of us would actually recommend this outlet to anybody due to its food quality that did not worth the money

LavazzA Cafe @ Viva Home
LG-06, LG-07
Viva Home,
85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur



Kian Fai said...

wow got Macarons? not bad heh :) one of the eye stopper food XD

bendan said...

OMG~ I love the interior design there... looks royal-ty!! WTF!! I might looks like a princess sitting inside. =P
But wasted... the food looks umm~ not that deli huh?? ANd pricey... ><

Isaac Tan said...

ehhh? got macarons? I wana makan there leh. That day went to meet up with Supia there, ate boston, regretted coz not nice >< When wana bring me makan there? XD


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