Monday, 18 July 2011

Meet & Greet Shell FuelSave Ambassador for Hong Kong, Moses Chan

In conjunction with the commitment of Shell to help everyone to go further, Shell FuelSave was designed to save everyone up to 1 litre per full tank, helping all of us to get the most out of every drop of fuel. What so special about the new Shell FuelSave?

*Enhanced with an Efficiency Improver
*Designed to keep engine inlet valves clean
*2X as effective as the previous Fuel Economy Formula
*Feel the benefits even from the 1st tank full

So, on the 6th to 8th July 2011, Shell Malaysia had organized a Shell FuelSave Roadshow at Berjaya Times Square. Not only it makes most Malaysians realized the benefits of Shell FuelSave, Moses Chan, Shell FuelSave Ambassador for Hong Kong made a special appearance at the Roadshow on Friday, 8th July 2011! In the event, he signed autographs for his Malaysian fans (to those TVB lovers too!). Moses took the opportunity to tell his fans about the benefits of using Shell FuelSave 95 and his experience as the Ambassador for Hong Kong as well as how motorists can practice the Shell FuelSave tips.

Moses was in town to attend the Shell Eco-Marathon and Shell FuelSave 1 Litre Challenge in Sepang from Wednesday, 6th July until Friday, 8th july as well. Joining Moses at the event in Sepang International F1 Circuit were Fahrin Ahmad (Shell FuelSave Ambassador for Malaysia), Eunice Olsen (Shell FuelSave Ambassador for Singapore) and Ryan Agoncillo (Shell FuelSave Ambassador for the Philippines)

I was very lucky to be invited to the roadshow as blogger for the event

Shell FuelSave Roadshow, Berjaya Times Square 
8th July 2011

Moses having some quiz session with his fans and giving away prizes during the roadshow in Berjaya Times Square on 8th July 2011 (Friday)

Moses poses for the media before giving away the autographed poster of himself as the Shell FuelSave Ambassador of Hong Kong

Moses sharing a few tips to his fan about the benefits of using Shell FuelSave before heading to dinner with the 6 winners of Shell FuelSave activities winners and media

After the roadshow, Moses headed to Dynasty Dragon Restaurant at Level 3 of Berjaya Times Square to dine with 6 winners of the Shell FuelSave Roadshow activities with their partners as well as the media

Here we are in Dynasty Dragon Restaurant
(saw the divider there? We were behind it for dinner)

Before the dinner, Moses posed for the media for some photographs on the stage inside Dynasty Dragon Restaurant

The dinner table arrangement in the restaurant

Moses and media short Q&A session
Moses talked about his 2nd year experience in Malaysia as Shell FuelSave Ambassador of Hong Kong
Besides that, he did talked about his upcoming coffee shop and he promised that Malaysia is where his first coffee shop will be

Moses' happy expression when he was questioned about his coffee shop business, which eventually he said that it is a business secret

Memorable dinner for the night 

We were served with 2 plates of appetizer and chilis for the additional taste for the dinner

Our very first dish for the dinner
Very subtle as the head of the dinner train, which is greatly appetizing
On the most right, the nest-like food was actually filled with cempedak

Herbal chicken soup with fish stomach, scallop and abalone mushroom
This soup taste really sweet from its ingredient, love this max!
With hint of vegetable (the one carved like a flower) and wolfberry

Roasted chicken and pork
The roasted chicken is quite juicy, while on the other hand, the roasted pork was a bit too hard for me

Fried fish and prawns with salad
Not too oily and it is pretty good to eat with the salad (in cubes)
One quite easy going fried food, to date

Fibers for all, vegetables
The taste is okay, however the presentation of this dish isn't very satisfying

The 6th dish, fried mee hoon
I was kinda full when this was served, I did tried a bit
The mee hoon was quite oily to my liking, overall it is just okay

Pau and a mantao-like kuih
Very small and sticky
Not very much of my favorite

The dinner ended with a bowl of tong shui which is pretty soothing to take away all the dinner taste in the mouth. Cold and sweet, wish I have more of this

10-course meal, including the appetizer and tea
Seriously very full!

After taking pictures, some chat and autographed with Moses, it was time to say good bye and leave this a memorable night

Moses, in white holding his mobile leaving the place with body guards. Waved him good bye for one last time and off to home

Winners and medias are given goodie bag!

Goodie bag from Shell FuelSave

Finally, I own a pendrive and it is a very cute one!

Hard cover notebook with very cute drawing!

The very first page was signed by Moses!

And, a very useful container that can be placed in my dad's car next time

Ending this post with a picture with Moses Chan, the Shell FuelSave Ambassador for Hong Kong and TVB star! (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir was his latest series that I watched)

I would like to thank Shell Malaysia and Oglivy for the opportunity to attend this event



jfook said...

im watching that series too. =D dim gai ah sir hai ah sir. =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm only watching Yes Sir Sorry Sir now xD btw, so lucky to get to meet him and even take photo with him! :D

Isaac Tan said...

glad to see you met a star! Get to photograph with him and ambil autograph some more. Nais!

Mr Lonely said...

wah.. so lengzai.. shud get autograph ler..


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