Sunday, 31 July 2011

Orthopaedics posting

The time passed and the knowledge gained did not feel like 8 weeks at all
But the exhaustion felt more than that
8 weeks straight without any holidays in between except weekends
However, I'm glad that we are done with Orthopaedics posting and miss every specialists and doctors dearly

This is like the bible of the posting for all of the medical students
However, I did not read everything in there just because I'm lazy to do so

It was really a rush for us to gone through 8 sub-specialities in only 8 weeks, which clinically, theoretically and mentally not enough at all
Anyway, all thanks to the doctors that had try to notice us all the new faces every week and guide us through the hectic packed weeks
Very much thank you to my supervisor for Orthopaedics posting, Dr Shaharuddin, a spine specialist for his teachings and may you get well soon!

Our experience in wearing Plaster of Paris cast, which is terribly heavy but it was one memorable moment

Those freezing moment in the Operation Theater seeing different surgeries done

Playing with Sugan's iPad 2 before the clinic session started on the last day of our posting
Spine Team was our original team before the team rotation started
We even have our own nice ward with automatic glass door :)

Get to join in the Rehabilitation Orthopaedics team to have breakfast halfway through the clinic session because there were not much patient that day

Our free late breakfast:
Grape pudding and nasi impit!
Great thing to end the posting

With part of the Spine Team members in Rehabilitation clinic
Left: Jing Liang, Hui Gim, me, Maryam, Erne

Last picture before we continued to help out in the clinic to clerk and examined patient
Left: Suganthini and the others are named as above XD
Spotted Prof. Amara at the back!

Orthopaedics is fun, but was traumatized by Trauma team (opps, sorry!)

Will only see Orthopaedics again in the exam hall and during housemanship 

Next posting: Paediatrics
(The so-called toughest posting in 4th year)



Xue Ren said...

woots! you look so pro in white! =P

Nana Eddy said...

aww~ what a cute blog!!

All the best for you!

Isaac Tan said...

future doc in training. XD


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