Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mentari Beauty and Spa

Recently MilkADeal had a deal which was RM39 instead of a RM249 for Brightening Hydro Facial Spa + Eye Treatment + Volcano Stone Back Massage + Manicure at Mentari Beauty and Spa located in Pandan Indah.

In search of the spa
Told Tyng's dad the address of the place. Turn out that all these spa that we had been going located in those place that had number at the street name like 6A, 6B. We had to turned a few rounds before knowing where is A and giving a good guess where B should be.

This place is pretty good even though it is just part of the old shop lots around the area there. The decoration is really nice, seriously much much better than Aura Wellness that Tyng and I went few weeks ago! 

Firstly, we were greeted and was brought slippers and hot ginger tea. They are all really friendly. A details form was filled and the lady break the ice, ask us some questions regarding our concern of our skin. It was awkward because both of us giving the same answer, which is blackhead. Then, when she asked us what products we were using currently and we hit the same answer again. After that only the lady asked whether we are friends or related LOL XD

Body massage + Volcano Stone Massage
We were given a room for 2. As usual, when I took of my spectacles, everything looks so dreamy to me. We had a really soothing body massage. I really love this a lot! The girl who pamper me was real friendly. We chatted while she was massaging my back. I like the pressure she gave during the massage, not too hard and not too soft, just nice for a small body frame like me. Then she came with 2 volcano stones wrapped with some herbs in a cloth. A brief massage with the REALLY hot stones. After awhile, it was really nice :)

Brightening Hydro Facial
As usual, double face cleansing. A scrub to exfoliate. No extraction for the package, but if we want it, RM20 each. So we go with the package, no pain for this time. Facial massage was really good, but I hope it was longer and more variations in the massage. I still have the best facial massage in Idemisse and also from the facial I went in my hometown. Mask for the end of the facial. The mask done here kinda different from the other facial. This one harden once it dried, not very comfy. After removing the mask by cracking the hard surface piece by piece, a layer of cream was applied.

Eye Treatment
I don't see what so special about this. It was done together with the facial. The only thing I know they did for my eyes was to put a slice of cucumber each on my eyes. That's it. This is really a disappointment. 

They did this while waiting for the mask to dry up. I couldn't see a thing because of the cucumbers. Basically, they just did filling, shaping and cuticle treatment. No coloring was done. The whole thing was pretty fast. She did help me to cut off the excess skin around my nails and it was painful. 

After the session, we had a cup of green tea and the lady ask for our feedbacks. We were so shy and the whole session become so awkward. Not sure to leave or she still want to talk to us. She showed us all the services they have, which is quite a lot. While for the price, I found it too pricey for a place like this. 

From the above package that I get, if I come with normal price which is RM249, honestly I don't think this is worth from the session that I had just gone through. But, I shall say the people in there was really friendly! It might not look as good from the outside of the shop, but it is really nice inside!

Mentari Beauty and Spa
82G, Jalan 4/6B,
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Everyday 10.30am-8pm

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