Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Medical School Recap: Pre-Clinical Year

Tribute to my Pre-Clinical Year, where life in medical school begins

The memories from UKM KL Campus, Chow Kit :)

Pots of plant in Do Re Mi Fa...
Where university life begins!

Year 1 (2008-2009)

PPD Camp 1 in Kem BTN, Ulu Kenas
First PBL group (PBL 3) with Prof Leelavathy and Dr Heikal

Juniors' Welcoming Night
Organizing an event for ourselves, from the juniors for the juniors and seniors

2nd Semester, a brand new group
PBL 13, the forever famous "Limau RM4 group"
Picture taken after our community visit in Spastic Centre

The marketing team working for Pesta AngPau UKMKL + taking pictures because of the rain!

An evening walk in Tasik Titiwangsa and a ride on "Eye on Malaysia" to watch sunset

Post-conference Project AMSA in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and clinical booth set up in Penampang

Medic Night 2009

1st year HM Project, Program Bakti Siswa
This is my family over the weekend, our mak angkat, the super good cook and kuih maker :)

Year 1 batch picture

Year 2 (2009-2010)

Juniors' Welcoming Night 2009
This is the Ex-KMJ students group picture, seniors + juniors!

Year 2 Semester 1, PBL 16
Picture taken during Clinical Skill Learning (CSL) class in HUKM

Did our PBL once in the lab & took lots of picture after that

The PBL 16 outing in Sunway Pyramid, went ice skating for the first time :) :)

Celebrating Khairul's birthday after the PBL session

Year 2, Semester 2 - nearing the end of pre-clinical year
PBL 19 :)
Our last CSL class with Dr. Hazli, then we went to eat together in Paparich

Christian Fellowship Camp in Outdoor Broga Adventure Camp (OUTBAC)
Taken at the peak of Broga Hill, waiting for the sunrise

Another HM project
Went jungle trekking and canopy walking in FRIM

The weird Year 2 batch picture, which they separated us by gender 



Merryn said...

Beautiful memories you have here...

Henry Tan said...

seeing all ur photos.. reminds me of my uni time. awww i miss those time! TT

Xue Ren said...

you have went through a lot until u reach this stage. so proud of u! :)

Isaac Tan said...

oh how you grew .. prettier and smarter XD..

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