Tuesday, 29 December 2009

GIT P.E lesson

Whenever I crawled out of my bed with my mind thinking that I had to go to HUKM for CSL class
My heartbeat will fluctuate for a moment
Once a fortnight phenomena
That was fast
Today is one of the day

I felt slightly different today
I am calm during PBL
When I usually struggled through it, hope to improve myself
I am typically 'relaxed' today during the session
I yawned a few times
I listened to people
The knowledge tend to absorb easily
Perhaps, calm is good
But less competitive in critical thinking

CSL class
I was totally anxious when I saw my doctor walked in
And then lead us out of 10th floor
Which means we were not practicing among ourselves
We were going to see real patients
As what doctor had promised

We went down to 1st floor
To psychiatric department as well as the ward
The ward was so different
Dull orange-brown wall
Only partial height wall separating few of the beds
Where you can see everyone in every directions
Metal entrance with locks
That was my 1st experience

We were given 6 minutes each to examine the patient
2 minutes to present
I think it was an absolute good idea to time us
At least we were prepared for OSCE
or for the future, in a better way

I was nervous
I had cold clammy palms
But I am not in shock!
I rubbed my palms before going ahead
I am quite satisfied with my 1st try on real patient for GIT
Although I missed the hernia & lymph nodes palpation
Overall, I think I controlled myself well

The patients in there were friendly
They were awesome
No showing face of dislike-ness
They were super helpful
They kept telling us that they hope that they were able to help us

Although the session was under pressure
Where 10 course mates looking at me
Plus Doctor = 11 pairs of eyes
*skip those with more that just a pair of eyes*
I think it was a very good training for me

It made my day =)


Xu Vin said...

coolio! :P


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