Thursday, 3 December 2009

♥Singapore Day 4 - Eveready Army♥

Day 4

Nice Day!

I hardly decide where to go
The twins had their long term major plan on hand
They went to AFA!!!

Tyng, Su-Lynn & I had to make plan for ourselves
We head to Discovery Centre in Upper Jurong

*Forgot to take picture.. This is from the Net*

We were asked to complete the questions in a booklet in order to win some prizes
We didn't answer at all
Cz we couldn't find the answers

I couldn't remember what is this robot called. He can answer what we ask..

This is the Visionarium.. A game to build the future of Singapore with our own imagination

We were given a small bottle of 'NeWater'
We drank it..

My favourite part:

Shooting Range

With our rifle, SAR21
*Singapore Assault Rifle 21st Century*
Weight: 5kg

Tyng aiming

Me, trying hard to look at the target

Su-Lynn, ever ready to shoot & kill!!!

On our mark, aim, SHOOT!!!
*Limited bullets*
*We learnt how to reload as well*

I want to play it again!!

We visited the Army Museum


Holland Village
We had Mexican Food in Cha Cha Cha
Tyng & I shared a chili con carne as appetiser
Besides that, all of us shared some nachos & enchiladas with cheese
Su-Lynn had burito as main course
*It came with Mexican rice, the rice totally awesome!*
Tyng & I had chicken soft shell tacos

Wrapped the chicken, cheese, vege, tomatoes, sour cream, green sauce with tortilla

Best part:

*fried stick like 'yao zha guai' with vanilla ice cream*

Tyng & I went to Ion in the evening
I bought a shoes for myself
We grabbed a present for Su-Lynn
for her excellent UPSR results & upcoming birthday!!

We went to Wisma Atria
Planned to buy some sushi from Sakae Sushi
There was a super long queue
So we didn't get any of it

Luckily we didn't get the sushi
We ate in this time
Uncle CK went to 'tapao'


White rice, yong chow fried rice, anchovy fried rice, wan tan hor
Pai kuat (pork ribs), chicken, fu zok, fried tofu, etc...

I ♥ shooting


Alison.Monday said...

OMG!!awesome!!u got to play with the rifles!!im in huge jealousy rite now!!n so many food!saliva drooping alr haha!nice post!

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Thanks Alison =)

Anonymous said...
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