Sunday, 27 December 2009

My Colourful Christmas

Lolz.. I'm back after disappearing into some colourful days.

People used to say White Christmas which means snow during Christmas. Well, I hardly expect that in Malaysia. So I brighten up my days of Christmas with some planned activities by my cousins & I.

♥Christmas Eve (24.12.2009)♥

It was quite an interesting one for this year. I did some stool smear from stool specimens with protozoa & helminths. Although the smell was totally funny (gross), everyone had to do it. That became part of my Christmas Eve of the year, eventually.

Pick up my brother, Sam from KL Sentral.

Christmas Dinner in Endah Ria (correct me if I'm wrong) with Tyng's church friends. Sang a few lines of Christmas Carol. Most important part was to eat & drink..

♥Merry Christmas! (25.12.2009)♥

Breakfast in Delicious. We were sort of 'Eggs family' when all of us ordered scramble eggs or fried eggs. I had it with white plain toast & harsh browns.

Went to collect our tickets in the cinema. The online reservation line was super fast, no queue.

Walked around Jusco, Machines etc. (to kill the time while waiting for the movie)

Bowling.. I just managed to hit a strike & a spare.. After that, my game was totally lousy. End up 81 marks, 3rd among my cousins and my brother.

1.4opm - SHERLOCK HOLMES.. I was totally entertained. Enjoyed the whole movie from the very beginning to the end. I had to agree with The Star for giving this 4 out of 5 stars.

Dinner in Weng Kee with Kevin as well. Didn't know they served papaya after the meal. They didn't have that during my first visit. Then we went in to CD shop to pusing pusing awhile..

♥Boxing Day (26.12.2009)♥

Went to Sunway Lagoon

The queue was so long. Initially we queued in counter 5. Luckily we were told early by the worker that counter 5 is only meant for 1 or 2 parks.. Counter 1,2 & 3 are for 3 and 5 parks.. I couldn't imagine what I will feel if I only know it when I am in front of the line.

We left Sam queuing while Tyng & I went to grab some breakfast from Starbucks. We ate under the sun and applied suntan lotion after that.

Bag check.

We went directly to find lockers. After that we stood in a pool, jz to wait for the bucket to be filled up & splashed on us. XD

We walked around.

Then we decided we should start from Wild Wild West which is nearer to the entrance.

We went for Grand Canyon River Rapids, Buffalo Bill Coaster & Niagara Falls Flume Ride.

Talking about Niagara Falls Flume Ride. I wanted to try the front seat, where I can see whatever happened in front. I didn't know that when the ride went upward, I am totally hanging with my hand holding the bars in front of me with my legs pushing in front. So... I am in a position that need a lot of arm muscles strength so that I won't slide to the back. Good thing is when it slide down and splashed, I witnessed everything.. So kan cheong....

Walked along suspension bridge then went down by FLYING FOX.. My favorite part of all...
I sat in the water of the pool while waiting for Tyng & Sam to fly down.

We went for Gang Slide with other people when we had to slide down into the water in a very short distance slide.. When reached d bottom, everyone collided into each other. The people who worked there must have lots of fun looking at those act.

We decided to try ATV and Go-Kart as well but we were too hungry. So we hunted for food...


We ended up leaving the horrible Siti pizza behind & bought cups of sweet corn at Tiger Cafe..
The tiger in Sunway slept most of the time...ZzzZzz

Rain super heavy. Most of the games stopped include Go-Kart & ATV..

So we tried Paintball Shooting Range.

We just soak ourselves in the Surf Pool for the rest of our time in there.

Washroom was super crowded and there were people whom blocked others way to go out. They insisted to go in even though we had asked for the excuses to go out 1st and I'll let you in.. Lack of mind.. =(

Shabu Shabu Train for dinner..

We tried archery after dinner. That was so interesting.. Will go back again someday.. =)

Then we got ourselves Mocha Praline from Starbucks and went back..

-Picture upload very slow.. I will post it next time-



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