Saturday, 5 December 2009

♥Singapore Day 5 - Bye Bye♥

Day 5

I still remember we protested to leave during our previous visit
We protested for the sake of Orchard Parksuites
We just love the place so much
That we just didn't want to let go
That was funny
The protest (for sure) not working
We were not the one paying

This time
No more protest
We had spent 5 days there
I think it was more than enough
Started to miss home already


Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant
*or cafe*
Not that remember
The young people were in a table
We had 'wo tip', fried wantan, 'siu mai', 'hao gao'
Su-Lynn & I had french toast, mine with ice cream
The others had century egg porridge

The adults' table
I am not so sure what they had
We were too busy eating ours
It made us totally full
That we need to drag ourselves to move

We were the Heaviest Breakfast Eating Team

Final Destination

Our last stop was Kinokuniya
Su-Lynn with her new addiction, Garfields
We got some Cecelia Ahern's books
That's it!

Found a book with interesting title:

Changi Aiport Terminal 1

We went there early
So we waited, waited, waited
To kill the time
We must need weapons
Walked around
Went to toilet
Bought Starbucks
Got some mints
Got lollipops

Tyng & I saw a sign to swimming pool
Out of curiosity
We went to check out
There was really a swimming pool on the top of the airport

In AK708

During our take off
Ying looked out the plane's window
"Yay!! We overtake the lorry!!"
That was so sweat..

That was the end of our Singapore Story

Hope to have another story next time

Miss the moments there

I like the place


Sam Leong said...

good.. at least no more fish and chips breakfast..
what?! starbucks again?!


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