Friday, 22 January 2010

OMG attacks!

Lots of thing happened in one day
Yeah - TODAY
Kind of like not so me..
Haha XD

For GIT assessment today
I forgot to sign the attendance slip
I filled it up & I realized I forgot to pen down my signature
But I was there in the exam hall
I thought I was still in Sem 1
I think for about 10 minutes only I realized I tick the wrong semester column

Not to mention about how the exam went..
GIT was kinda terrible

During the so-called 5 hours break before Endocrine paper
Having John & Dinesh together was not bad
At least their brain are bigger & full-er...
Mine was kinda empty & confused..
It was fun although I was totally stressed out...
Haha XD

John even wanna scold me for not teaching him about calcitonin..
I told him about it last minute
Kinda like 3 minutes before we entered the exam hall
Elaine can be my alibi... XD

I was totally going to give up on SLP
Until Elaine came to me telling me about hypercalcemia
I was like, why not just read with her
And make fun of it

That was like so OMG when it appeared in essay
Thanks, Elaine!! =)

There was another OMG when ameobiasis came out in essay for GIT

Conclusion: Both essays are from SLP...!!!
READ SLP 1st next time!!!! *semangat*

Last Thursday was my very 1st time of waking up late for class
I forgotten that I am using my samsung phone
Not Sony...
The alarm rang at 6.10am..
I snoozed...
Bear in my mind that it will wake me up again in 10 minutes
When I opened my eyes feeling satisfied from my sleep
It was so OMG (another attack of OMG)
*Load my mind: Usually, I am already in the bus or waiting the bus at the bus stop by this time*
Jump, Run!!!!!
7.34am, I am at the bus stop...
Feeling proud that I can be super fast as well...



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