Friday, 15 January 2010

10 years ago & later...

10 years ago..
I used to hit the cinema with my family
Usually, my dad will only buy 3 tickets
For himself, mom & my brother
I will just ran in for free
Before the movie, my bro & I will choose snacks in the shop
All sort of food & drinks

This is how it goes:

I will go in & ran around the cinema
The cinema quite big, 2 levels
I will start eating the snacks when the movie started
Or maybe before the movie
After I finished eating everything
I will start sleeping until I felt someone carrying me out

I hardly finish a movie 10 years ago
I pig out in almost every movie we watched in cinema
Many thanks to the nice & comfy atmosphere in there
Perhaps, I am still very young to learn to understand the message delivered

The cinema closed after it stood for a few years
Lack of business due to pirated DVD

Okay, the another story:

10 years later (which is now)

After there is no more cinema left in Segamat
We watched movie at home
I didn't sleep through the movie anymore
No matter how bored the movie is
I am still there, praying hard
Trying to give some magic to the movie to be nice

I couldn't believe it happened again!
I mean..
The sleeping part...
10 years ago I slept through almost every movie
10 years later, I fell asleep in one of the mega movie
*I did*

I didn't want to offend anyone
Or to upset anyone
This is very personal
It was my body reflex
The hormones were working hard enough
And I dozed off... ZzZzZz..

I am sorry, Twilight fans..

New Moon created another history of my life

I better ciao before I saw lettuces, shoes or eggs flying towards me

*Run for my life*


Sam Leong said...

i tot you fell asleep in during avatar...

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Pandora so nice.. Niu kap also i tahan.. mana will fall asleep watching Avatar.. Watch 2nd time also nvm... =)


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