Saturday, 23 January 2010

♥ I miss u ♥

At this moment, I miss my friends in KMJ a lot
I went through the pictures again
How I miss there

Friends, buildings, lecturers, food, peaceful environment
I think Matriculation has make a very successful job in giving good & comfortable atmosphere to the students
Having the least stressful time
Really enjoy it

Miss the most, my roommates
Asiah (Yaya) & Iza Zarina (Jaja)...
Not to forget Nurul, being a few months with us

Miss my practicum-mate, Hayat 50
The last group of Biology...
Amirul (leader), Azmin, Faiz, Pai, Rebecca, Zatie, Seha, Amira, Zurainah, Rahmah, Hajar, Kak Pah, Ainie, Haida & Fatin...

Miss my Block C sisters
I got 2 families...
1st - Hwei Eying, Yee Ching, Chia Yi, Zhi Ling, Zhiau Hoon...
2nd - May, Siew Gyn, Wei Li, Sin Ying, Shey Man...
They are those who cheer me up..
We chatted for about 5 hours.. Haha XD

Miss Voice Out Aloud (VOA) Club
Jowin, Supia, Farul, Nat, Pau, Fuad, Jackson, Wei Xiang, Aida, Husna & Khairun...

Miss the Bulletin Board...
Hardly recall everyone's name in this club cause we worked in a very short time...
Su Yuen, Elson, Aida, Ryn, Alyssa, Afiq, Yuha, Athirah, Shikin, Ridzwan, Wan, Syafik, Shah & Shuha...

Mentor Mentee LDK 13
*This was when we 1st enter KMJ*

My roommates & Ainie

My practicum, Hayat 50

Chemistry Lab

Having evening walk & fun together

Izzuddin, our practicum friend that stayed with us for a few weeks..

Block C sisters


Bulletin Board

I miss KMJ


Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

that is coz you chose the right, nice college! XD

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

ok, you didnt actually choose. you were lucky lah

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

KMJ was my 1st choice of college anyway.. hehe XD

frogprincesz said...

qi wen....hehehe...just found ur blog...waaa~ got our pic lor...heee~
I misz kmj too... =D


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