Friday, 15 January 2010

This worth RM30..

Warisan Mesra
35th Persiap Annual Dinner
9th January 2010
Dewan Wawasan, Cheras

*Sorry for the late update, many thx to KTSN tortoise internet connection*

♥The food♥

♥Meet up with my buddies♥
(Hui Fang, Boon Chin, Eddy)

♥Eddy, Hui Fang & I♥

♥Pretty friends♥
(Kah Yan, Mei Sung & Yun Ting)

I wanna thank Hui Fang for letting me stay for awhile at her place
Thanks to Nina for the dress & hair make over
Thank you very much♥

XoXo, Qi Wen



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