Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Date : 7th March 2010, Sunday
Venue : FRIM, Kepong (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), I think
By : HE Set 48, Faculty of Medicine

This was taken after jungle trekking and we were introduced to some plants and trees.
And, this was before we started to hike up.. Behind us was the entrance to hike up until the canopy walk. We were separated into 2 groups. ALL THE GUYS and some girls were in the other group behind us somewhere. We didn't meet them at all throughout the journey..

More pictures coming up. I need to chase after the photographer. The pictures here were taken by Zulaikha and I grabbed it from Facebook.

Ending this post with this picture. We rest halfway through our hike while waiting for the others and those who were sick during the journey. I am glad that everyone made it safe. We were actually pretending to study the pharmacology lecture note in the jungle. But it ended up looking like 3 jungle planners or construction workers planning for a big project..

Anyway, support the Green Earth.. Green Explorace coming up this Saturday..





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