Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Hurt Locker

Talking about Academy Awards, I bet most people crossing their fingers Avatar to be the top movie of the year. For me, I got no comment about movies.

Flipping through newspaper, the big words of Sandra Bullock and The Hurt Locker were seen.

6 Academy Awards for The Hurt Locker..

I started to wonder, "Hey, what movie is this?"

So, I went to take a look at the movie official website, The Hurt Locker
First thing - THE MUSIC.. *cool*
Ah, a war-like movie about bomb technician..
I'm going to watch it some day then..

Kathryn Bigelow, the director..
Best director as 1 of the awards..

I am not very familiar with the world of movies
And I just got to know that she is James Cameron's ex-wife
Both of them were nominated for Best Director

The Hurt Locker vs Avatar
Low budget movie vs Super high budget movie
Ex-wife vs Ex-hubby


The Hurt Locker, a low budget movie director by ex-wife of James Cameron beats Avatar.

Another thing, a big WOW to Sandra Bullock
In 24 hours, she was awarded Worst Actress and Best Actress..
Amazing huh?

Ending my post thinking "The Academy Awards was superb!"




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