Sunday, 20 June 2010

Big Mouth

You are not necessary to have a big mouth to eat in BIG MOUTH RESTAURANT (da jui ba cha can ting -- in mandarin)..

My uncle, cousins & I had our Saturday dinner in BIG MOUTH RESTAURANT which is kind of new in Sri Petaling. It is somewhere around De 3 and Capri, near Hotel Sri Petaling & The Store.

Let the pictures tell our experience there and how it tickle our taste buds

This is our order list

Tyng was occupied with her new Samsung Corby Wi-Fi

The twins as usual
One was drawing, one was observing + comment-ing

Ying, our family artist that draw everywhere she goes

I am so lazy to rotate this picture actually
I apologize if you actually tilt your head or laptop to look at it
If you are not doing it, I apologize again that your brain works a lot harder to interpret it

It was Ying's set of bento rice with fish and bean curb

Ern's set of bento rice with marmite fish

Tyng and I were eating the same set
So, this is mine
Rice + fish with lemon sauce
The mushroom soup on your left is superb!
The salad was not so bad
The fried 'wo tip' on your right was really nice
And not to forget,
the sambal udang kering there just perfect to my liking

Uncle KC's chicken herb noodle

Clean sweep
Except for some lemon there

The price was okay
It was RM81.90 for five of us
You can go there and give it a try next time
Lots more to choose in the menu
Enjoy! =)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner
*healthy lifestyle*

Chasing behind the twins using my Samsung Wave camera




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