Saturday, 19 June 2010

For Clothes-a-holic! (gals)

I am not selling anything here
I am just sharing & promoting

Talking about spending my money in clothes, clothes & clothes, there will be a long story.
During this year pre-CNY shopping with my cousins, I found it so tiring to go different shopping mall and boutique just to get something you really love. It was a very frustrated experience as well. We walked and walked, for the sake of time limitation, we just bought something to kill the frustration off. Not only the time we had to choose the clothes or dress was limited, the price is totally a BOMB..

Silly me, I never thought of ONLINE SHOPPING. I am such a newbie in believing online shopping. Then I started to ask around which blogs are reliable with affordable price. People starts to name some and I went to look through it. Some really cost me double BOMB for something simple. Through my journey searching, I found Ladies Fashion. I couldn't believe my eyes in the beginning! Very simple & casual pieces to elegant & sweet with SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE that you won't believe!

I wonder for some moments before going on to order my 1st piece of clothes. Still wondering how can such a nice thing cost so little. Questions run through my mind.

Was it low quality?
Will it charges me more after that?
Are you sure?

The answer is : I am very sure that it is NOT low quality at all. It is just the price of the clothes PLUS delivery fees. Full stop. With satisfaction & a smile from ear to ear. See, it is WORTH..

Let me show you a few pieces that I had bought it from Ladies Fashion. Most of the pictures are credit of Ladies Fashion.

You can go to the blog to see it yourself here

This is the latest I got for myself
It is only RM22
RM40 for 2

Other colors of choice

An off shoulder black top with stripes singlet
For RM16, if you buy 2 it is RM 30
There are lots more colors of choice and one of it is white (below)

I love this piece!
Turquoise is hard to find, seriously
RM 14 only
RM 26 for 2..
Grey is one of the variation (below)

I bought the PINK kimono top
This is the blog's BEST SELLER PIECE!
Black with blue stripes is the newest stock
RM 16 for 1
RM 30 for 2

I don't have a nicer picture for this
This is my VERY FIRST clothes I bought online
It is a PURPLE top-dress (kind of)
Even my mom LOVES this
*the scarf and heart necklace was my own accessories to match with it*
RM 16 as well..

Believe me, the service is super good, fast & efficient. I used to have it delivered to my house in 1 day to 2 days after my payment.

The believer of online shopping NOW



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