Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kisses, Dad...

I hope this is not too late to wish Happy Father's Day in my blog. It has been a very bad delay here as I had been quite busy (to have an excuse) & lazy (=.=") at the same time.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Not very convincing, isn't it?

I did called my dad that day even though I myself went for my pre-birthday celebration.

How I wish I could stay at home like previous year..

I still remember my mom & I got my dad a new cellphone when he always complained that he couldn't hear his old mono ringtone.. Haha...

My dad is pretty cute, you know!

When I was home, I will fight (a.k.a play) with him my baby bolster just because both of us love that so much... Lovely...

I miss my Daddy + Mummy

Lots of love & kisses from Me...



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