Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pre-Birthday Celebration

All thanks to my cousins to have some plan and activities with me as my pre-birthday celebration today

Let's see what we ate for the day

Lunch : Nando's Chicken Peri-Peri

Myself on the purple white top that I bought from Ladies Fashion
(look at previous post below, I mentioned about the clothes I bought)

My lunch
1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines, which are potato salad & peri chips
When I am eating, I just realised I ordered to much CARBOHYDRATE!!

I think this is chicken pita

1/4 chicken + rice

Starter plate + peri peri sauce

You will get a GREEN 'Not so Brave' if you order the chicken with lemon & herb flavor
You will get a YELLOW 'Tickle Your Taste Buds' if you order chicken with MILD PERI flavor
Sounds like they are challenging your level of spicy-ness

Dinner : Uncle bought it from somewhere nearby and we ate at home

I missed eating with family

Rice with fish + mushroom sauce

Mid Valley Megamall

Toy Story 3 promotion
Since it was Father's Day, I saw a lot of parents pushing their babies around

Tyng : Why today so many parents bring their small kids out?
Lun : Yeah, I saw a lot just now
Me : Because if the guy didn't bring their kids out today, they will not have Father's Day today. No kids, no Father's Day..

Red Box

Lun & Tyng singing
Ern choosing songs

Lun & I after a lot of songs

Ying was reading manga in the dark karaoke box with the aid of her handphone backlight!

Toy Story 3!
The story was random, funny & sad in some scenes



Sam Leong said...

that one looks like an omelette rather than a piece of fish...


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