Saturday, 26 June 2010

Big Two Zero

Another late post!
Had my big 20th birthday last Monday, 21st June..
20 is not old, it is just the beginning of challenging life
The beginning of my role in hospital

Wondering what is up there..
Older = wiser = think more.. 
Not a very good description

My morning birthday present by Kah Yan!
She practice venepuncture on me
Although it failed, I just help her to gain experience
You go, Yan 'jie'

The HAPPY people with pizzas and Mountain Dew
Thanks people for coming to my condo unit and give me a surprise
Just kind of surprise cause I already knew part of it 

The cake
It was small, but quite nice

My housemates
Siew Im & Pei Zhi
Wei Yeng is in Tanjung Karang (Thanks for the wish)

The crazy friends
I am their victim the whole night
Just look at Ah Ngan (orange) is funny enough

They are housemates!
The really tired one
Yun Ting, Siew Ling & Kah Yan
Thanks once again

Pressie from all of them
So c.u.t.e!
The zoo has a new member now, a cow
Ah Mo...



Xu Vin said...

Ah Mo??? hahahha so adorable.
gosh and i was 20 two years ago. *horror*
hope it was memorable ahaha :P


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