Thursday, 4 August 2011

The V Cafe @ Syopz, The Boardwalk

Opt for a meal or two of good vegetarian dishes once awhile?
A full-time vegetarian?

Here's a recommended place for you to dine in comfortably, nice view and good food

The V Cafe

As written on the cover of the menu
"Newest Western Concept in town specialise in:
Pasta, Lasagne, Sandwich, Salad Soup, Italian Sodas, Milkshake, Ice Blended, Ice Cream and Coffee"

It is all about the quality!

The ambience of the shop, very comfortable
There will be the view of the Taylor's lake if sitting outside

What brought me here?
Very simple, a few reasons. 
#1 We bought vouchers from a deal that worth so much the set
RM 8.80 for a Set of Main Course + Honey Lemon + Creme Brulee (NP: RM15) + RM3 voucher for the next visit
#2 I never been to Syopz yet, never get so near to Taylor's Lakeside Campus yet
#3 Wanted to try out vegetarian dishes in shop like this (I only ate in vegetarian economy rice stall before)
#4 Get to chill with my cousins and loved ones

Ze honey lemon, nothing special

My main course: Mushroom Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce
Give it a try, the sauce is so so so awesome!
The portion is just nice, it was like tailor-made for the size of my hungry tummy

Qi Tyng's Risotto
Hmm, due to lack of function in my grey matter for the moment, I don't remember the full name of this food. It is a risotto anyway.
The comment from the "eater", she loves it so much that she finally found one of the nicest risotto she had tried before. I'm not very into risotto yet, will learn more about this

Da 2 guys ordered the same dish (same, not sharing >.<), this is a vegetarian chicken chop with black pepper sauce
Look small to you?
There are actually 2 pieces of so-called "chicken but not chicken" chop
Love the thick black pepper sauce, smell so good!

I believe nowadays there were quite a number of people who converted to become part time or full time vegetarian not really due to religion. My current roommate just convert herself to become a vegetarian for a good cause - for a better Earth, to save it from global warming. Nowadays, Tzu Chi Foundation has comes up with V generation, which is to spread the knowledge about eating less meat that can help reducing the amount of carbon dioxide towards the Earth, eventually not to worsen global warming

I admit myself not a very committed person in this case, but that does not change my view in the quality and how vegetarian food can be good as well. I pretty guess this is the aim of The V here. Anyway, I still love meat! (Sorry, Mother Earth)

Creme Brulee
One very easy going dessert, nice one!

One of my favorite part in the shop - The Ice Cream
It is all homemade that I hardly even see one out of this shop
We had the chance to taste a few here, such as Horlick, Guinness etc
Other than that, there are choices of Bandung (the striking pink one), Strawberry Cream Cheese, Peanuts Butter
My favorite of all - Guinness Ice-Cream!

No doubt, will be back here again for other dishes, the coffee and definitely the ice-cream

The V Cafe
LG 1-1 & 2, Syopz @ The Boardwalk
No.2, Jalan Taylor's
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours: 10.00am - 8.00pm



Kian Fai said...

chicken at it doesn't look like chicken u mean? LOL

the sauce taste really good? will note about it then hehe

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

the fries look so thick @@

Emeryn said...

Guinness ice cream huh? sounds good!


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