Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's Blog Day today!

My first year knowing today is Blog Day, even after 6 years blogging (lousy me!)
Double toss for Under My Pillows, celebrating its birthday and Blog Day on the same month
As this is a happy day, I am here to recommend 6 blogs with different theme, interest, passion but with the same way via Blog

Happy Blog Day!

It is not an everyday routine to wear clothes as if there is canape waiting to be attend
I believe in simplicity pays for the beauty
Having wardrobes of fashion from top to toes, all about being casual but posh
As well as, choices for every girl to put up their best in every events to attend
It has the most efficient services ever & the price never burn a hole in the pocket
Here's the blog :

Owned by Miss Kate Low


She's one friendly lady that has full passion for her blog
Loving her product reviews & how she shares with everyone
Not only did she shares facial product reviews, she even share games in her blog!
Getting to know regarding her blog during Power Over Cervical Cancer & start loving it
All right, here it is the blog belongs to Miss Ng Ju Ann :


He is not only a medical doctor & lecturer for his students
He is a wonder Dad for his kids!
From giving exam bloopers to his students in the blog
his experience in parenting, playing Smurfs with the kids
Not only he shares his experiences around, he has great sense of humor too!
Let's get this doctor revealed, with the bloglink of jimbocyberdoc :


Came across this blog when I was searching for TLC
And, it instantly hit me how cute this blog is
I have always have a thing for pink, yeah so I go ahead and read about it
Everything was simply interesting in there
Very caring of her joining TLC helping the kids
It moves me to think of how much I have done (which is so less)!
This pinkish blog with 2 cute elephants at the header belongs to Vivien Sam:


This creative site was blogged by a colleague & friend of mine
Was the very first blog that I strike through among my colleagues
Even without any pictures, his post is interesting as it can be
Instilled with great sense of humor & real bombastic language
Heart his drawing max max!
Have always been looking forwards for updates, unfortunately it has become quite infrequent
However, still fully supporting this site
Awarded as the beautiful / pretty boy, he is Mr. Kevin Tan


I have no idea whether I love or hate movies
So, I pretty guess I'm somewhat in between being such a "I don't care" noob when talking about movie
Exclude musical from the "I don't care" list
Well, this is somewhat not a forte of mine and hardly something that inspired me
But, it can be strongly within someone's interest, passion as well as life
Very impressed with how his passion comes along and how this site was build up
Filling with reviews and updates about movies
Blockbusters or even movies that people like me not even going to bother
But, at least with his efforts, I see some updates in my life in the chapter of "Movies"
The movie-licious-ism guy, Mr. Bernard Chung!



Hilda Milda™ said...

Bern will definitely jump in joy when he reads this (: All the best qiwen! :D

Isaac Tan said...

Nice blogs there! Happy blog day qiwen!

Xue Ren said...

Happy Blog Day to u too! Nice post! ;)

cutebun said...

Happy Blog day!

Kian Fai said...

hahah warafak Bernard punya blog lol . . . I thought u will put Isaac Tan blog :P get experience with Isaac tan ma LOL

jk jk

Eric Lee said...

happy blog day!! checking out that kelvin tan's


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