Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shapa Shapa Shabu @ Sri Petaling

Steamboat, one loyal dish that stays forever in my favorite list
But, most good steamboat places offer food at quite expensive prices. However there are still a lot that are quite reasonable. The problem is to look for the really good one that worth my tummy

Decided to try the new shop in Sri Petaling called Shapa Shapa Shabu 
(This is a non-halal)

They offered 3 types of set in the menu that comes with drinks and dessert, that is not necessary ice-cream as stated in the menu. Below the set price, they even total up the price after taxes. For the noodle, there are choices of yee mee, spinach noodle or mee hoon, as well as 3 types of soup to choose from. Can be seen from the above menu

This is pretty disappointing. Take a look at the different color of the green tea in each glass, which is getting lighter in color and tasteless. Note the differences in the size of the glass as well. What we did was to mix the green tea ourselves to balance out the taste and color for each cup

Next, they served the soup of our choice. What else other than tom yam! Each of us have their own pot of soup and we can control the heat level, which is attached to the table. I prefer it to be more spicy and less sour. Overall, the soup is acceptable

Spinach noodle and yee mee
For those who prefer to eat more and worth the same amount of money paid, pick yee mee. It is so much bigger in portion compared to spinach noodle. But, in the view of the taste, both are good

All of us picked Set B
5 slices of pork belly
3 pork ball
Oyster mushroom
Fresh fish cake
Tau foo
Fu chuk

The egg has special use in the Shapa Shapa way

There is a special bowl only for the egg

Dipped the slice of pork belly into the egg

Make sure the pork belly was covered by the egg, and then put it into the soup. I tell you, this is super DELICIOUS!! The pork belly is the only extraordinary food in the set. Love max max!

See the white thingy on top of the yee mee in the middle of the pot, that's the cooked pork belly that was covered by egg. Yum yum!!!

The so-called dessert, which is pretty ordinary and so-so

Halfway during our meals, the waiter came over with the bill and asked us to pay for it because the shop is going to close soon. It was totally awkward and uncomfortable during the incident and he told us to finish the food faster. There were other customers with us in the shop at the moment, but they left earlier than us after that.

Overall, the food was just all right but the credit exception goes to the combination of pork belly and egg. The green tea is a total failure, while the dessert doesn't give much impact in the meal except being one of the marketing attraction to make the set look more worthy. Service was pretty slow and bad. Will miss the pork belly, but I'm not sure to come back or not since it is near my cousin's house

Shapa Shapa Shabu
151, Jalan Radin Bagus
Taman Sri Petaling
57000, Kuala Lumpur

Shapa Shapa Shabu Facebook page for more information



Nikel Khor said...

sound bad d..

Hilda Milda™ said...

There's one shabu2 too in One U, not bad (: maybe you can try. How nice if they have buffet style shabu2, can have all the pork belly we want! xD

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

pork belly+ egg is yum yum! if we want to go back have to check with them what time they are closing dulu

Sam Leong said...

sap ha sap ha..

ken said...

doesn't look attractive tho.. lol..

Isaac Tan said...

such bad service! how can you rush your customers????

Xue Ren said...

pork belly? OMG! i won't dare to try that out! LOL! >.<

Xue Ren said...

pork belly? OMG! i won't dare to try that out! LOL! >.<

Shapa shapa shabu said...

Hi Qi Wen and everyone. Let me introduce myself, i am Alvin from (Shapa Shapa Shabu).

i have looked into this matter very seriously and please allow me to apologise on behalf of my staff for being rude.

Serving best food and best services has always been the motto of our restaurant.

Thanks for your comment and i believe this will only add value to our restaurant.

Hope to see you soon.....and eat the pork belly in the shapa way.


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