Sunday, 21 August 2011

Random dream

Warning: This is real random, sorry if it bored you :(

Dream of going to camp with fellow bloggers & it was raining heavily
Went there by bus, getting to know new friends along the journey
Reached the camp site & the rain stopped
Then, everyone was divided into rooms, 2 in a room
Heading towards my room & I realized that was my house new car garage!
(P.S - Sorry Carmen, because I dream of you as my roommate, I guess the wrong sms influenced the dream! LOL)
The sky is grey and it started raining again
All the girls gathered in my room and someone start by asking who wants Maggie mee
When I wanted to take out my phone & tweet "1st night of blogger camp"
I'm awake!
Shaite, it is 1.17pm already

Well, it is more of a black & white dream

Told Qi Tyng about the dream just now when we were having dinner in OUG 
Off to buy stuff after the dinner
On the way back, we came up with a Camp Challenge inspired by the dream just now

7-day Camp Challenge
#1 3 pillows
#2 1 shampoo & conditioner
#3 2 big packs of toilet paper roll
#4 1 jar of mayonnaise

Okay, ciaoz before everyone get bored 



Merryn said...

wah... u need so many toilet roll meh? muahahah.. can just use leaf (with hidden red ants in it)! :P

• Stephanie • said...

LOL,it's a very random dream,hahaha! XD

Isaac Tan said...

really random, but kinda cute la :)


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