Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Open House @ IPHKL

The guys in my group rang us up about the open house while we were still wandering around the ward in Institut Pediatrik Hospital Kuala Lumpur (IPHKL). They only rang us up after they had their first round of lunch pfft.. When we reached the ground floor, the place was totally packed! *people mountain people sea (direct translate from Mandarin)*

What else, the smell of the food and the atmosphere full of people always make the food taste nicer than anything

Searched for clean plate in the stacks and automatically queue to grab anything that looks good. This open house is courtesy of HSBC bank!

While in the ward, the HSBC manager (I think) was giving away stuffs to the patient and parents. All the paediatrics patient got a soft toy (there are Barney, Pooh Bear, Chips & Dales, dinosaurs in variety of species and hippopotamus! *I WANT TOO!*). Inside the bag, there are a huge tin of Munchy's biscuits, boxes of cereal (Honey star, koko krunch, milo ball), drinks and the Mickey Mouse swiss roll.
Guess what the parents get? ANG PAU - RM 10

Ketupat / nasi impit, fried kuey teow, fried noodle, fried chicken

Nasi minyak / beriyani, beef rendang, chicken rendang

Roti jala (to eat with chicken rendang or kuah durian!), acar topped with peanuts, fruits

The last plate of satay is OURS!!!!!!

This longest queue station - AIS KACANG!

2 types of syrup, condensed milk, yellow and green pearl, peanuts, corns, winter melon sugar, red beans!

We forgot what we had just read in the ward before this lunch




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