Monday, 5 September 2011

Reunion :)

On Raya day, my family had a celebration for ourselves to which is an early Grandpa's 88th (89th for the Lunar calendar) birthday celebration. This was suggested earlier by my youngest aunt. Why? Blame the flood early this year, we were not able to have a complete family gathering during Chinese New Year. Since my youngest cousin, Su-Lynn had a day off from her school in Singpore, finally we reunite in Segamat!

Not only the family reunite, we have MacBook reunion as well, a total of 6 of them. Most are tagged with Pro and some aren't Pro or Air. New member of the family of Apple products, youngest uncle got himself a new iPad 2!

Putting the electronic family aside, for the first time in such a complete gathering, we have a new member. Alex brought his girlfriend along, Linda. Due to that, we have to re-plan placement of room to the new arrangement, which I called it "Genderist". Guys in one room, girls in one.

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs.
Grandpa & grandma took the one downstairs.
One room for my parents, another one for my eldest aunt.
Both of my uncles (Qi Tyng's dad & Alex's dad), my brother & Alex placed in a smaller room
While me, Qi Tyng, Qi Ern, Qi Ying, Linda & aunt (Alex's mom) conquered the one with attached toilet!

For more stories about the gathering and peoples, check out Qi Tyng's post: My Raya Break!!!

Food pikcha!

Lunch in Tong Hock Restaurant, which had terribly slow service. We were sitting there staring at each other, jokes drying up, conversation getting lame, plus all so shy when there is a new member, none of the food served yet...

Appetizer - keropok

Teh siew char (I am not sure about the name of this dish because it was in Hokkien & the name rhyme like teh siew char. I'm part of those that don't understand hokkien even though I grew up in a state with hokkien as majority)

Choy sam

Hot plate "sizzling" tofu

Super plain fried rice

Three Kings Egg (translated from Cantonese "sam wong tan")

Fish cooked with ______ (fill in the blank because the adults place the order of this dish for us)
I'm not sure because I only took one & ignored the dish because it has too much bone!

A must-have, ku lou yok!

All-time favorite, sotong cooked with Nestum!
The Nestum damn delicious, I just scooped it and eat like that YUMYUM

Dinner in Liong Hong Restaurant, with better service but lotsa LALAT!!!

Another round of teh siew char but this one is an OBVIOUS WINNER compared to the one for lunch

Long beans cooked with dried prawns, chilis and belacan
I heart this!

This is their Signature Fried Tofu
Always a must-have dish in the list whenever we are here

The adults ordered another plate of noodle for our table, when all of us had rice together with those dishes above

Now I miss the gathering and my holidays!

P.S- My durian tree is having lot of babies now!!!!! :)



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

i know what I lupa, not deliberately left out.

our 6.10pm dinner. LOL.

Henry Tan said...

wow! ur house got durian tree! =OOO

Hilda Milda™ said...

I love reunion with my big family as well (: Wahhh 6 apple gadgets are having reunion as well :P No photos of the big family?

Kian Fai said...

I wan triangle shape taofu :D

Isaac Tan said...

reunions are the best occasions to have yummy good food!


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