Saturday, 17 September 2011

That one Mid-Autumn

Mid-autumn this year passed when I was really busy preparing my patient's case presentation. After hibernating for such a long time in Neonatal Intensive Care Unite (NICU), where I myself wasn't very sure why we were posted there for 2 weeks when we were not allowed to do anything, but one thing - to look at the babies and their case notes only. Well, I enjoy being under the roof of 100% air conditioned building and watching babies hiccuping. (Adorable max max!) Other than that, I lost the skills of clerking the third person regarding paediatrics cases, which that explains why I had a fainting spell while preparing the presentation on mid-autumn night itself because I'm back to medical ward in Hospital Kuala Lumpur  (HKL) - a place where we no longer pampered with the cool air and the case notes weren't the main helper anymore.

Last year, I celebrated in Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor when I was doing my Public Health posting. Watched Contagion? Yeah, that movies remind me of what I was taught in the posting, the procedures done as the first line.

Mid-autumn super cheap seafood dinner in Sekinchan last year

Our masterpiece of the night :)

Year 2001

There was this one event which is still fresh in my memory - the morning of mid-autumn festival year 2001. Yeah, it was a decade ago, where we need a jet rewind for a moment.

It happened during the morning assembly in my primary school when I was in Standard 6. I was assigned to be the prefect of my own class to maintain their discipline throughout the assembly. (During assembly, 2 prefects will be assign to take care of each class. One standing in front and another one at the back. After the assembly, the prefects will bring them back to their respective class and keep on looking after the students until the teacher was there. It is seriously no fun, I tell you) So, I was the one standing at the back of my own class. You know, when your friend is the prefect that look after your class, discipline is really hard to maintain because they weren't scare of you and you will certainly trying to help them without getting caught.

During the long assembly with lots of point by the headmistress, one of my friend wanted to go to the toilet. I told her the Standard 6 toilet was the other way, but she insist to go to the other toilet because it was nearer. She left without waiting for me  (Another prefect's job is to accompany the student when she wanted to go to the toilet =.=). Due to the long long speech, students in my class starts talking (seniors what, more daring), where I have to go back and forth (lucky the other fella that stand in front not knowing what's at the back) telling them to be more well-maintained.

After the speech, our discipline teacher started to call out names, those that did not behave well throughout the assembly. The friend that went to the toilet just now was called, those talking in my class were called, I started to feel scared. Initially, she had stop calling names but then she paused for a moment - yes, my name was called last. All of us had to go up the stage in front of hundreds students. We were scolded for being not discipline enough during the assembly and we were not respecting the headmistress.

"Tell me what did the headmistress said just now"
That was what she asked all of us standing on the stage there because we were scolded for not paying attention. My memory wasn't that bad when I was at that young age, but the situation was terrifying. Since a few of my friends who were standing beside me on the stage replied nothing and the teacher was just right in front of a few of us, I list down the points mentioned. Being very angry, she said the points were wrong and asked why didn't I told the student that she went to the wrong toilet and it was unacceptable as a senior. It went on for quite long and some started to tears. It ended by punishing all of us to write 100 times of "Sorry, I will not do it again" to the headmistress. It was fresh in my memory because after the assembly, my class teacher came and told me that I had listed the headmistress' speech points correctly.

Anyway, I admitted by mistake in not doing well enough in maintaining the discipline of my own class, which wasn't easy. But was scolded for giving the right answer wrong, which I really hope this will not happen again to any teachers because they were teaching the students the wrong thing when they were right. That makes a memorable day in my primary school



Hilda Milda™ said...

At least you still remember what happened when you were in primary school. I hardly have any primary school memories left in my brain :P or memories of celebrating any mid autumn before this LOL

Kian Fai said...

whew aneh emo . . .

This year me no celebrate much about it . . .

Baby Hiccuping reminds me of a joke video, the daddy carrying the little baby then the baby spill the milk all over daddy face HAHAHA :X

Isaac Tan said...

so happening one, you with your friends. I wana be happening too! :p


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