Saturday, 30 August 2008

the 3 "desperado"

In Pizza Hut (for dinner)....

Ern : I want Meal 2.. Upgrade to large.. Meatball & shell... And add soup of the day..
Ying : Same..........

Wen : I wan the same but dont want to upgrade..
(Waiter : laugh a bit)

-When the soup & drinks are served-

Uncle : Ying, why you are not drinking the soup?
Ying : I'm waiting for the bread stick..

(Ern & Wen drinking.... Look at Ying for awhile, then continue drinking...)

-Bread stick still havent come.. Uncle's rice served already-

Ying : Yii.. Why the bread stick so slow one...

Wen : The soup also cold already..
Ying : Aiyo..

(Ern still drinking...)
Wen : They just let us drink but don't want serve us food..

Ern : They havent finish heating the food.. They microwave it only...
(*sigh* still waiting...)

Wen : If the food still havent come, we will going to eat this sauce..
(pointing at the chilli & tomato sauce bottle..)
Ying : hahahaha...
Wen : Then, we will be in the newspaper tomorrow as the desp
erate customers..
Ying : Will be the headline for tomorrow newspaper..

(the craps went on...)
(Ern started to take pictures of Ying & Wen with the sauce bottle to put up in blog...)
Wen : You take the picture already or not?? Sudah lama posing...

Ern : Wait wait.. Memory full... Wait ah..
Wen : Faster...
Ern : Ok, can already..
(Wen posing with sauce, desperado...)

Wen : Now Ying's turn.. Nah, take d sauce...
(Ying posing... But Ern struggling with the handphone... Ying still posing..)
Wen : Her memory full la.. You don't pose now first la.. Pose so long..
Ern : Now okay already..

(Snap.. Ying's desperate picture taken...)
Wen : Ern's turn... Take the sauce..
Ern : No no no...
(Uncle continue eating although we were having all those desperate stuff with us..)

-At last, the shell pasta are served-

Uncle : That one is large ah?

Wen : The portion is almost the same.. They only use different bowl or plate..
Ern : Yala... (Eating...)

Ying : Large & regular no difference one.. The size is for what???? Plate ah??

(Eating.. But the bread sticks are not here yet...)

-2 sets of bread sticks served-

Ern : We still got 4 more bread sticks right?
Wen : (nodding...)
Ying : 4 meh?? How many each?

Ern : (showing 4 of her fingers...)
Ying.. Ohhh (continue eating..)

-After eating.. While Uncle is paying..-

Wen : The break sticks so keras one.. So hard to chew.. Sakit mulut already..
Ying : Yala.. Can build house already..

Wen : What house?
Ying : Maybe the wall is built by bread sticks (the pizza hut outlet wall..)
Wen : The bread sticks will reput la..
Ern : (laughing...XD.. busy with handphone..)

Ying : Maybe they inject something in the bread sticks like they inject in the mayat..
Wen : How can...

Ying : Can.. Then they put on cement and paint it...

-Then they left-

Wen desperate already.. No food.. Ready to eat d sauce..

Ying's desperate moment without food... Sauce pun jadi la makan..

Here's the food.. Ern can't wait to eat..

Caught having extra bread stick...
(She's not that bad la.. She helped Ying to finish it...)

Ying... Still eating.. The face is private & confidential.. Haha...

Ern drinking ice lemon tea.. But busy with other stuff..
(in this pic, she seems to be playing PSP.. nah.. it's not.. rahsia terbongkar.. hehe...)

After dinner, go buy cetak rompak.. hehe..


HenRy LeE ® said...

wahahaha... u girls so funny! Eat also want to interact till like that... i'm not a pizza hut fan... domino's is the way! :D


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