Wednesday, 6 August 2008

partially hiding behind the table

Teet Teet..
Time for TITAS class
Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia (Just in case you're curious)
Here comes all the craps..
Globalisasi.. Who on earth wanna hear those??!!
Monotonuos.. :p

Well, I'm partially hiding behind the lecture table..
With my pinky laptop..
Wakakakak... -Evil-
Nobody in the lecture hall is listening anyway..
Formative assessment is this Friday!!!!
Books and laptops are open behind the long table..
Well, some manage to chit chatting..
Result of that : The lecturer is mad..

Thinking.. Thinking..
What should I do??
It's kinda bored..
Not all the time-LAH...
Cheep cheep cheep.. (A bird just fly pass)..
Eh? Huh?

This lecture is 3 hours la!!!
Why are we studying this?
While nobody actually appreciate it..
If the objective of this class to expose the tamadun knowledge to young people
And I quote
"It will never be successful"
It might sound very bad & not professional as a medical student
It is true!!!!
Any rejection? Objection?

I will stop the crap here then..
The lecturer WILL thought that I am sleeping if I keep looking down..
Take care, people...



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