Saturday, 30 August 2008

town gurl to city gurl...

Ever since i have my transformation from a small town girl to a city very independent girl, life changes.. I mean A LOT... Everything is not going to be the same anymore.. PLUS with my new university life.. And this started 10 weeks ago when I first landed in UKM, Bangi.. But now in UKM KL Campus as a medical student..

Starbucks in Borders, The Gardens
(Ice Vanilla Latte -Venti & Chicken Onion Bread...)

Signature Hot Chocolate

Cheese baked rice with chicken chop... YUMMY..
(In an outlet called CHOLESTEROL.. haha...)

Good thing.. Aunt's cook...

Last Friday after class at 10pm, my friends and I decided to go to Pudu to buy tickets for Hari Raya holiday.. Unfortunately, the tickets are not sold yet.. So, we decided to take our lunch at Petaling Street, just near Pudu... After that, we all still craving for lots of food.. So, we tried the stall with the HO CHIAK sticker pasted... Very fun jalan jalan cari makan there...

This aunty sells 'ma chi'.. Glutinous rice thingy then dip with peanuts.. 1 small box, RM5..
The specialty of this snack is that it doesn't stick on teeth.. not bad.. can try..

Wei Wei is ordering the air mata kucing for us.. very nice.. with HO CHIAK sticker as well..



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