Saturday, 23 August 2008

random stuff in UKM


Well, I didn't take pictures all over UKM.. Just random shots when I felt like doing it... Just check it out...Lab 11
(taken from my seat view.... everyone seems to be so semangat looking thru d microscope)

My microscope.. with lotsa stuff on my table in lab 11..

On my lab table.. haha.. XD

my slides....

Claypot mee in my hostel cafe..

Chee cheong fun right? haha, sold in my campus cafe..
(I didn't ate this alone, we shared among 3

This is NOT sold in campus.. dessert.. from my BUDDY...
(he went to setapak & came back with this 'tong shui' for me, din expect it..XD)

Everything in here is just something random & nothing much to see...
Haha.. At least part of it remind me of UKM KL campus..
Ini lah Varsiti Kita...



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