Monday, 15 December 2008

my list of ooh & aah

1. I passed my 1st semester exam!!! (where I called the Jabatan Akademik while I was having my frapuccino caramel cream in Starbucks, Dataran Pahlawan Mall)

2. I am quite anxious of starting my new semester (as I don't have to worry about my 1st sem anymore). But, I was so bored & yawned lotsa time in front of the lecturers on the 1st day of 3 consercutive intro lectures....

3. There is a change in my PBL that previously consist of 7 chinese.. Well, this proves that chinese can't rules in PBL *sweat*... So, we splitted & this happened to some of the PBL that had more chinese than the Malays..

4. I start reading the lecture notes before the lectures.. Hope that I can be so discipline along the sem.. *hopeless*

5. Still disappointed with the split of PBL members...

6. 2nd semester schedule is so damn PACKED!!!!

7. New subject that need a lot of presentations - Medicine & Society (one of the factor of packed schedule)

8. More to go for CSL.. (History taking for women, children & elderly patients.. Basic Life Support, Aseptic Techniques)

9. Try to have my stuff in the room more tidy this time..

10. Try to have more sleep than before & live a healthier lifestyle..

11. Focus in my study & dump all the st*pid rumours I had among this people..

12. Not looking forward in any relationship right now..

13. Try my best to do well in formative assessment & Finals..



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