Wednesday, 3 December 2008

wonderful day out with cousins..

This is the day i had been waiting for since before my final exam!!! A day out with my cousins, seriously, this was my first time hanging out just three of us - Tyng, Lun & I..

This morning Tyng & I was lazing on the bed for so long before we woke up after half an hour the alarm.. Well, we still be able to hop into the car & fetched Lun at 10.30am as we planned. Unexpectedly, Lun woke up late as well. We still go well with the plan heading to Mid Valley Megamall..

Uncle KC dropped us at outside the South Court near the bus stop & we were FREE!! (not percuma, ok?) First thing - we went to claim our tickets. So, we went way up to the top & the GSC lady at the counter was so-so-so (erm, i couldn't find the word) unpleasant (something like that).. Because of that, we didn't asked to change our seats although we were split in the cinema.. Lun was sitting alone (still the same row) while Tyng & I were at the corner of the row. *Sweat*

The movie was at 2pm & there were still a lot of time to kill.. Therefore, we went to Tony Romas to have our brunch.. Yeah.. 2 meals in 1.. I had never eat in Tony Romas before so they decided to bring me there & give a try. Tyng told me the portion is big - predictable conclusion, we shared a plate of fish & fries (not chips).. We spent quite some times in there & the clock still ticking slowly..
Fish & Fries - Tony Romas

Next station - MPH.. We went separate ways to look for our own book of interest. Lun was at the SAT and A-Levels book section. Tyng was looking through young adults section and eventually stopped (and stare) at Asterix. While I myself in the beginning was kinda indecisive, at last I found my stop at the health care section & a book really caught my attention. After reading some of the pages, I decided to buy.

This is the book that I bought today for RM49.50. There is a bigger version that cost RM105.

My review & experience in the cinema: My very 1st time sitting next to the wall & our distant from the screen is just nice where you don't have to tilt your head. Tyng & I once again shared a drinks & Lun sitting alone accompanying by mineral water. Okay, about the movie - BEGINNING it was a bit boring, it was weird for me.. After some while, the story is growing & getting more exciting.. ENDING - usual stuff, romance.. Overall, it was just a OK or so-so movie & the humor was really good actually although it was a bit lame. But I enjoyed my time a lot with my cousins..

DINNER TIME - Rue Ee Restaurant
We had dinner in this chinese restaurant with Lun's family as well. The atmosphere sitting at a same table eating was really good with close relatives. Ern & Ying ate a lot.. Happy to see them enjoy their meals. The food was nice & far more better than most of the chinese restaurant. Purpose of this dinner is actually to celebrate Lun's belated birthday.

After the dinner, the twins said they are still not full. Ying decided to go to Starbucks and end her craving on Shepherd's Pie. So, we went there & there was no any pie left. Therefore, we had coffee.. I ordered a tall frapuccino caramel cream. Ying ordered for me and took the drinks for me. But then, only we realised she took the wrong drinks!! As uncle didn't order any drinks, he drank one of it. Tyng was actually sharing the drinks with her mom but plan altered after the drinks mistake..
The first drinks that Ying took - it was actually not ours..

This is my REAL drinks.. Haha..

Refresh shower - Tired - Blogging - Rest - ZzZzZz



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