Friday, 26 June 2009

Atfer 6 hours in KL...

In KL now.. 6 hours after I reached KL, I am super tired right now.. Still miss my life in Segamat, especially I have a bunch of good friends around. I am not homesick.. I just have the feel that there is still something left in Segamat.. But I don't know what is it.. Perhaps the smell & mess of my bedroom or my dog?

I don't want class to start so soon.. I am put in Block A106.. Gosh, 1st level.. I am the only one there when I moved in just now.. *Sigh* I counted the rooms there, 7 rooms.. This is so crazy.. I am going to live in a quiet & people-less area for another year.. Miss the time when I had a roommate, now we are all alone as senior.. The good thing is the room belong to myself, just myself..

I indeed still love my life during holiday not being a medical student.. Sometimes, as medical student, people used to freak out. I am not a powerful girl as what people used to see when you are a medical student. I am just as normal as anyone else. Perhaps, we just have different interest. Somebody has to take over the job as a healer, right? I love spending my time wildly.. Thinking of tons of medical stuff that I need to munch munch munch into my brain & not my tummy, it stops me directly for another crazy day.. Haiz..

Good luck to all my friends that are going for registration as the newbie in their respective & lovely university starting tomorrow. Don't worry too much about orientation. It is going to be ok very soon.. I still remember well how my orientation went last year, time passed so fast.. So, don't freak out!! When you need help or any CRAZY TIME & STUFF, count me in!!!!!



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