Thursday, 25 June 2009

End of 2 months break

Frankly speaking, I don't wish to go back to KL.. Life back home was too good in this 2 months.. Haiz.. I have no choice.. Even the schedule for Monday was out few days ago.. What in my mind now is that - when will be the next holiday? Arrgghh... I want more comfort, more freedom & spend more time to meet my friends...

One thing I regret the most in this 2 months was I didn't spend more time with my friends.. High school friends, KMJ friends & even UKM friends... I just spend most of my time sitting in front of my pinkish lappy that was so lag.. I only met my friends the last 2 days before I am back to KTSN, my hostel..

By the way, thanks a lot to Jia Min for the invite to meet with our high school classmates, May Yeen & Wan Chyi.. Not to forget, Jia Xin as well.. Meanwhile for today, I met my KMJ friends & a friend in Segamat.. So, no matter how the gathering went (although it was a total failure that I didn't get it why did it occured) I am still grateful to meet you gals & guys.. Thx to Zhi Ling, Jin Hao & Javis for it.. This might had partially grant my wish to stay close with you guys..

Going back to KL tomorrow lead to a heavy heart feeling to leave home.. Home has been a wonderful place where I live like a princess.. I don't have to worry about food, works & what coming up next.. I know this can't last forever, but still love the feel of home..

For those friends I didn't get a chance to meet, I am sorry for not meeting you guys earlier & a last minute plan of gathering..

To Joshua, hey dude, I'm so sorry that I can't meet you although we make a deal to meet.. It was nice to hear from you in MSN & all the funny voice record.. I know you must be dying to meet me in Giant.. Haha.. Too bad, I'm not in mood & I don't think I can just blend myself in with the gang.. Sorry...

All right, I will stop my sort of emo a.k.a 'don't wan to go back KL' post here.. Haiz, UKM KL here I come again...


joshy said...

haiz.. wat 2 do..
well, meet in KL ba..
dat time me, javis n ben up thr liao oo..
waiting 4 u 2 treat.. XD

Sam Leong said...

go back kl la.. jangan bermalas.. =P


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