Monday, 29 June 2009

The starting line again..

Post number 92 marks my starting line as 2nd year medical student.. Hardly slept last night as I felt so awkward sleeping alone in hostel.. I let the light at the study table on the whole night..

2 hours of lecture about our 2nd year by the module coordinator, as well as a welcome speech by our Dean.. He just set a rule that made everyone felt like going to punch him.. *sweat* He was so strict in dress code, even we are only in campus attending lectures.. He wants formal!!! Honestly, I don't feel comfortable with it if it is only to attend lectures..

We had our very 1st lecture for our 1st module : Blood & Lymph..
I am kind of blur & I day dreamed most of the time.. We were at the back, so my attenttion was hardly there..

Went off to Kamal Bookstore to get an official stethoscope for myself.. Navy blue.. As well, went to the stationery store to stock in highlighters & ruler as I left my pencil case in my cousin's house.. *sigh*

Tyng did message me whether I want my pencil case back soon or not, so her dad can send it to me.. Well, I still can survive.. Thanks for the offer anyway..

Long hours nap I had this evening.. And now, I have to start boosting my energy & concentration that I lost this morning in the lecture to revise what it was all about...



Tyng said...

i know how awkward it feels without one's pencil box. lol


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