Sunday, 28 June 2009


So sad... Back to KTSN & start my life in A106 (my new room).. Well, as I mentioned before, it is really dull here at the ground floor.. I only managed to meet Ciau Wooi & Chui Ung here same floor with me.. I have no idea who is next to me on my left & right.. The rooms are empty.. Maybe, not yet as only us the medical students start our class this week..

Noises are around now as I can hear my friends talking at the balcony up there at the 1st floor.. They seems to enjoy a lot.. Meanwhile, I still feel lack of excite-ness & energy to boost my likeness back here.. But if to compare between friends here & friends in Segamat, there is an obvious winner - Segamat friends.. They are so sporting & cool.. But over here, things start to struck my nerve when everyone is having their own new vision. I have my vision as well but my mind & soul hardly reach KL by now.. *sigh*

Haha.. Wondering what is on for the freshmen now? Honestly, I don't care much about juniors or who is my buddy.. I'm excited for my friends in different university now that are having their orientation. Talking bout that, orientation still vivid in my memory.. It was disaster & as well not-so-disaster once it was over..

Well, clean my room for the 2nd time when I came back jz now.. Jz to make sure everything is neat & nice so that I know where did I placed all those stuff.. New experience, single room.. All of my friends are in single room as well.. Went touring around Block A & C just now, but I am tired right now.. So, I came online & blog.. Hopefully I can get used to this situation faster.. Haiz..

Mind & Soul of Qi Wen, where are you? Come back to me... I need you!! My class is tomorrow, how can you not here yet...

Will try to update everyday... Tataz..



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